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How to find the associated tables with one particular table in SAP R/3 System


This is really very important to know, what are the associated tables with any main DB table (e.g. MARA, KNVS, KNA1 etc.). The primary keys of one table are the foreign keys in another.

There is an easy a way to find out how many tables & in what relation, they are associated with this main table. There is one place where we can find all the associations & relations of tables/data fields/data elements of main table.

This idea came up when we were designing our tests and wanted to do database level checks for our data, after saving any business objects, do you know what all tables get touched. There is a way to find out the relations in graphical & easily understandable mode in SE11.

Let’s find out now how exactly we can do this.

Go to transaction SE11 and enter the table name, now display the table.

The highlighted part is showing all the associated tables and the field relation to those tables.

The graphical representation of association & relation can be accessed as below

Graphical view open up & we can explore more here.

Select any table here (T644, TVST, etc.) and click on Foreign tables associated to that table as well. The relationship between these tables is also clearly visible here and we can navigate to these tables from here by clicking these. We can use the shown editor well to zoom-in & zoom-out, Complete view, ingoing, outgoing links etc.


In testing team, we design our test cases to do database checks in all important tables and now we can involve most important associated tables as well, where all these data goes to ensure the quality &stability of functionality.