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SAP Fiori - Mobilizing Steps

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This is a collaborative document to share lessons learned contents for Mobilizing Fiori Apps in the community SAP Fiori.

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3 steps for Mobilizing Fiori:

Step 1. Fiori Web - Run on Any devices (SmartPhone, Tablet and Desktop):

SAP Fiori apps run on browser and work seamlessly on smart phone, tablet and desktop.

Step 2. Fiori Web Plus - SAP Fiori Client: Better caching and better performance:

SAP Fiori Client is a native mobile app runtime for SAP Fiori. It uses the same SAP Fiori Web application, but users get more consistent performance through the enhanced cache management features in the SAP Fiori Client.


Step 3. Fiori Mobile - Hybrid Apps with SAP Mobile Platform:

Push Notifications, Offline Access and Native Device Access are common requirements from customers. You can build Hybrid Mobile Apps by extending SAP Fiori apps.

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