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Finding Configuration for Fiori Apps


Since people seem to have some confusion on how to find the Configuration (and are constantly asking for help), the steps I follow are now documented here.  Not difficult, but there are a number of steps to get where you are going.  The example is for My Paystubs, but applicable to all Fiori apps (Wave 2).  The procedure for Wave 1 is similar but not covered here.

NOTE: Help is expected to be updated again on March 25th or thereabouts.  I will try to update this document after seeing which changes occur.

Documentation for Each Fiori App:

  1. Go to

  2. Select the first link under SAP Fiori for SAP
    Business Suite for Wave 2 (SAP Fiori for SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations
    2013).  For Wave 1, select the second
  3. A new window will open:

    Click on the English link in the SAP Fiori Apps – Overview section. (Lowest
  4. A new window will open which has a link to the
    Catalog of SAP Fiori Apps.  Click on the

  5. The new window will present a list of all the
    Wave 2 Apps along with their Required Products (high level).

  6. After selecting the appropriate app (My Paystubs
    for example), the Technical Requirements are displayed at a high level as well
    as a link to the Implementation Information for <app name>.  Notice that you have moved from the Catalog
    to the Transactional Apps and Factsheets tab and the navigation to the app is
    shown level by level.  Recommend starting
    with the Catalog, but that requires knowing the exact name (My Paystubs and not
  7. Click on the link (either on the left side or
    imbedded in the page.  Ignore the App
    Extensibility link for now.

    A detailed installation/configuration/activation list of requirements will now
    be displayed:

    This should have all the required information needed to do the configuration.

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