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Stopping the RTMF on 7.0x

  1. Telnet <hostname> <port+8>
  2. lsc
  3. jump 0
  4. add deploy
  6. Make sure rtmf is stopped by typing:
    LIST_APP | grep
  7. Go to visual administrator and on each server node stop the service "":
  8. Go to the configtool and under global server configuration, extend "services" and change the startup mode to "forced-manual", (for 7.02 sp7 and less, select manual) and save (no need to restart the cluster at this point because the service is already stopped in step 7. Step 8 is to make sure that the RTMF will not be started on the next restart of the system):

  9. in the configtool switch to "Configuration Editor Mode

    Then Navigate in the Tree to "deploy" -> "" -> "rtmfcommunicator" and switch to edit mode

    Change the StartUp mode to 1.

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