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Missing Header Tabs in SRM Documents for Procurement for Public Sector (702) functionalities

Sometime back there were some customer queries on the missing header tabs in SRM 702 which prompted me to write this blog . For instance ,customer had User Specified status tab in SRM 701 with PPS Purchase Order but after upgrade to SRM702 they do not find it in SRM 702  anymore  even after activating the PPS Business functions.

Pre-requisite: Procurement for Public Sector (PPS) business functions are active(SRM_PUBLIC_SECTOR_1 and SRM_CROSS_INDUSTRY_1)

Release information: SRM 702 and above.

From SRM 702 , PPS has been retrofitted with SRM core and  PPS header tab can be controlled using the following views:






Mainview for the various Business Objects(Eg:PO,CTR)


Subviews for the Mainviews


UIBB for the subviews

The various tabs will appear on the relevant business objects based on the customizing switch activation status of the functionality. The customizing switch status can be checked at the below node in SPRO transaction.

SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server-> Display Status of Customizing Switches

More on Customizing Switch Activation

Customizing Switch can be activated using the view /SAPSRM/V_SW_ACT

Again ,the Customizing Switch status can also be activated via view /SAPSRM/V_SWITCH.

You can also find more details in this view like the soft switch class name and method on clicking on the source code button you can find the places where-used list

Solution to the missing tabs on header level

Missing tabs in the various Business Objects like PO, Bid and Contract for PPS functionalities is due to the missing Variant ID for a given Mainview ID in the view /SAPSRM/V_VIEW_M. I have mentioned the Variant ID to be maintained for each business object to ensure header tab visibility.

Bid Invitation

In case your Bid looks like below where the Payment tab and the User specified status tab is missing.

Maintain the Variant ID as RFQ_PUR in view /SAPSRM/V_VIEW_M for Mainview ID:RFX_INF

Once you activate the entries you can see the additional tabs appear on the Bid header based on the customizing switch activation status of the PPS  Functionalities.

Purchase Order (PO)

Similarly for missing tabs for PO maintain the variant ID:PO_PUR in view /SAPSRM/V_VIEW_M for Mainview Id: PO_HDR


For missing tabs for PO , maintain the variant ID:VARIANT_PURCHASER in view /SAPSRM/V_VIEW_M for Mainview ID: CTR_HDR

Once you have maintained the above variant ID,the PPS header tabs will appear in the business objects.