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How to Navigate SAP Learning Hub Subscriptions


SAP Learning Hub from SAP Education brings the power and convenience of the Cloud to SAP learning. With SAP Learning Hub, you’ll find all the SAP training you’ll need is in one place – whenever you need it. And you’ll have access to all of it at a remarkably low price. You’ll be able to take classes, complete exercises, read white papers and work with online knowledge products - even interact directly with SAP subject-matter experts and other learners in our exciting new online Learning Rooms.

You can find a range of blog posts and videos about SAP Learning Hub right here in SCN, including one I just posted where I share my own views from the vantage point as an instructor with SAP Education: Fast and Furious: Tips for Working in SAP Learning Hub. So with this document, I aimed to share with the community my own personal step-by-step guide to helping you navigate SAP Learning Hub. If you have questions, check out our SAP Learning Hub FAQ.

After purchasing SAP Learning Hub a user will need to logon at

After the system has validated credentials, the user will be presented with a link to the SAP Learning Hub. Click on that link to be taken to the SAP Learning Hub landing page.

This is the SAP Learning Hub landing page. Here you can see active courses, search for additional courses, view your history and access other materials. Click the check system option to verify you have all required software installed on your PC. 

To search for a course enter a topic in the find courses box and choose Go.

Your search results are displayed.  Use the scroll bar on the right to move between the results

When you find a course, select more in the detail section to view. You can also click on the course title for more info. You can either add the course to your training plan or launch it directly.

You can view courses in your training plan at any time by choosing the home tab. From here you can start a course or search for others, for example Accounting. In the result choose Start course.

To start the e-Learning click on the first link: Automatic Payments. A new screen appears while the system is checked and content is loading.

Click on Start Course to begin. Click on Next to progress through the course.

Tip: Exit the E-Learning click on Exit. Click on OK.  Then Choose Home to return to your home screen.

You can also search for a course with the Browse all courses option. The search returned 2,114 hits.

Filter the list based on additional criteria such as Instructor-Led. Or, choose another such as  E-Learning. Choose Home to return to the landing page at anytime.

On the home page scroll down to see additional info on Social Learning, Webinars, SAP Learning Hub communities and  SAP Live Access  - from which you can access live SAP training systems.

Select an option, such as a Webinar. You can add to your learning plan or register

If you choose to register, webinar details are presented, where you can select Register now. You can add comments and then Confirm.

A confirmation message appears. Return to the home page to view the assigned Webinar

Choose the Expand tile icon to view completed training items. Completed items will appear in an expanded box

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