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Customer Engagement Intelligence CEI - how to integrate customer specific data


Consultants involved in CEI implementation projects recently approached me when doing project effort estimates and project planning. Questions were around customer specific data an the required steps and related efforts to get these data over to the HANA database and available in the CEI segmentation (CEI-Audience Discovery and Targeting) application.

Before coming up with estimates, we first have to look at "customer specific data". Potentially we deal with

- SAP Standard Tables simply not yet contained in the standard CEI SLT replication schema

- SAP Standard Tables contained in the standard CEI SLT replication schema but extended by Y/Z-Fields

- Customer specific Y/Z-Tables

If a required standard table is already contained or not in the SLT replication scheme (set-up during CEI system installation

and post installation configuration) can be checked in the CEI installation guide. -->Page 73

If the required ERP/ CRM standard table is missing, it has to be added to the replication schema. This is SLT administration work.

This is obviously always true for customer specific Y/Z-Tables.

In case the standard table is already part of the replication schema (e.g. ERP KNA1 or CRM BUT000) but has been enhanced by

Z/Y-fields the required action depends whether the enhancements were already existing when initially setting up the CEI/ SLT environment

(-> no additional action required). In case the table enhancements were made after setting up CEI/ SLT, some SLT administration

work is to be done.

Check out this:

In all cases HANA View modelling and CEI Application Server customizing is required in order to make the additional tables/ fields consumable

for users e.g. using CEI-Audience Discovery and Targeting.

Hope this helps to come up with and effort estimate for your individual project situation.

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