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SAP Lumira

Proxy Set up for SAP Lumira


In order to assist with some issues which have been encountered in regards to checking for new updates and the auto update feature, this document will serve as a guide on setting up the proxy settings. This document has been created while updating to SP15.

If an error message is received which prompts the user to "Check Network Settings" or the error reads "Cannot check for available updates" it might be useful checking the Proxy settings.

The following is an example of such an error:

In order to change the network and proxy settings, go to File --> Preferences

A new window will pop up. Click on the 'Network' Tab

If the network you are on uses a proxy server, you must check the "Configure Proxy"  check box.

Default settings for Proxy:

HTTP Proxy Server:           proxy

HTTP Proxy Port:              8080

HTTP Proxy User:     

HTTP Proxy Password: 

**Note that you will need to contact your IT department if you are unsure of your corporate proxy settings.

Once Proxy is set up, click "Done" and Restart the solution.

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