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Key Topic: IT/OT Integration



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  • The HANA based SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution is available since March 2016. The utility industry is one of the key industries for this new solution.This video shows how Trenitalia co-innovated with SAP to create a Dynamic Maintenance Management and can serve as an example for other industries; March 2016
  • The SAP Data Management solutions are the basis for IT/OT integration.
  • SAP Predictive Analytics solutions enable deep insight into combined data from IT and OT systems.
  • The SAP Solution Explorer describes SAP solutions for the Intelligent Grid.

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  • In "Transmission&Distribution World" PSE&G describes how they enable proactive asset management with SAP HANA; May 2015
  • At Teched 2014 Alliander demoed how they use HANA spatial to support predictive maintenance of gas lines; November 2014
  • With the SAP HANA platform, Alliander it is gathering and analyzing massive amounts of data to better maintain assets, optimize its grid, and help customers save big on energy bills.
  • With the SAP Business Warehouse application as well as SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward software, data owners at Alliander can take advantage of the latest innovations in reporting and data analysis.

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