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Dashboards Updater Java Tool

Dashboards Updater Java Tool

What Is It?

When a dashboard and its backend UNX or Bex connection are copied from one folder to another within BI platform, the new copied dashboard will not work any more as the backend connections are not re-directed. The utility (a.k.a. DashboardsUpdater) is developed and used to update Dashboards data source for BI 4.0 SP05+ version.

There are three kinds of artifacts (SWF, XLF, MXP) contain data source information which needs to be updated by this tool.

  • SWF is impacting Flash version's run-time data source connection,
  • XLF is impacting both of them design-time data source connection.
  • MXP is impacting HTML5 version's run-time data source connection.


To meet both dashboard viewers and dashboard designers' requirement, we support different levels of data source updating in different versions of BI releases:

Support type

Support Flash Run-time

Support HTML5 Run-time

Support Design-time

BI 4.0 SP05



BI 4.1



BI 4.0 SP08 and beyond
BI 4.1 SP01 and beyond


Note: No matter which version of BI releases customer uses, there is no difference from DashboardsUpdater's perspective. User can use it as stand-alone tool.

Where Is It & How to Use It?

(The utility Java tool was integrated with BOE installation packaged since BI 4.0 SP08, BI 4.1 SP01 or beyond)

  1. Navigate to below BOE installation directory and find DashboardsUpdater.jar:

%BOE_HOME%\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\lib

  1. Launch Command Line to execute following commands under this directory:

(Don't forget to change following %BOE_HOME% to your real location.)

> cd %BOE_HOME%\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64\sapjvm\bin

> java -jar "%BOE_HOME%\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\lib\DashboardsUpdater.jar"

Then there will be a detailed help message. You could follow the help to input your arguments.

Below is the help:

java -jar DashboardsUpdater.jar [OPTIONS...]

  --help                  display this message

  --dashboard cuid        (required) the CUID of the dashboard(s) to be updated, can be specified multiple times

  --olddatasource cuid    (required) the CUID of old data source (e.g. Universe or BEx connection) being replaced

  --newdatasource cuid    (required) the CUID of new data source (e.g. Universe or BEx connection) for the dashboard(s)

  --boehost hostname      the BOE hostname to connect to (default: localhost)

  --boeport port          the BOE port number to connect to (default: 6400)

  --boeauthtype type      the BOE authentication type (default: secEnterprise)

  --boeusername username  the BOE user to perform the operation as (default: Administrator)

  --boepassword password  (required) the password to login with

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