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Optimize Performance for SAP OER


We recently worked on some performance enhancements for the processes in SAP OER. I have created a consulting note, that keeps track of all notes that have been and will be released in this area. I will keep you updated here, every time new notes are available and the consulting note is updated. And I will start today

10.02.2014 : New consulting note 1974465 (Performance optimization for SAP OER) is available

                     -> new notes available mainly to optimize the processing of EPCIS messages (partly available down to EM 7.0, partly only for EM 9.0)

14.02.2014: Notes 1978145 and 1978096 released to enhance performance of SimpleEventQuery.

25.03.2014: Note 1979566 released to enhance performance of SimpleEventQuery

03.02.2016: Consulting Note 1974465 has been updated with some new notes for performance corrections, especially regarding the performance of SimpleEventQuery

Cheers, Daniel