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It's Here! SP15 available to download.


Waiting for the latest update for Lumira? Well, wait no more. SP15 for Lumira is now GA.

If you are looking to see What's new in SAP Lumira Desktop 1.15, Check out this great post from Former Member.


SP 15 is now working through the replication process. Currently, customers with access to the SAP Service Marketplace, can download SP15 now. It is now in GA status, and users should be pushed a notification of an available update from within SAP Lumira.


Most of the registration process remains unchanged and straight forward. The first step (Above) asks you to select an installation language, and a destination folder.

Once that has been done, you are asked to read and accept the License Agreement. This will apply to both the Personal Edition, and the Standard Trial Edition. You will not be able to continue past this point if you do not accept the agreement.

Step 3 is the registration section of the download. This screen looks the same as in the past, but now, if you choose the “Register later” option, you will be met by a pop up screen each time you open the Lumira application, asking you to register or enter a keycode. To avoid this screen, either register with your existing Lumira Cloud account; enter a keycode if you have purchased the Standard Edition, or, if one has been provided to you by your IT department. You can also select the “Register SAP Lumira” option and fill out the information required.

You are now ready to install SAP Lumira SP15. Click the next button to start the download.

This process should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete, but, is dependent on your internet connection.

Once your download has finished, you will be given the option to close the installation, or, start exploring your data right away by opening SAP Lumira; and quite frankly, you went through the process of downloading it, why wouldn’t you open it now?!?

When SAP Lumira opens, you will be met by a “Splash” screen. This screen will give you the opportunity to register your new Lumira Desktop Version. If you have a Lumira Cloud account, and you didn’t utilize the “Register with Existing Lumira Cloud Account” option in step 3 of the process, you can do so now. You can also enter a Lumira Keycode here if you have one. No keycode is required for the Personal edition of Lumira. You will also have the option to “Register Later” (bottom right of box), but, the “Splash” screen will continue to open upon start up until your version of Lumira is registered.

You are now ready to start exploring your data.

If you have any questions on how to do something in SAP Lumira, please contact us. Our team is here for you at no cost to help make your Lumira experience a great one.

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