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How to set up communication systems in copied CfTE test tenants


If a Cloud for Travel and Expense test tenant has been copied from a productive one in most cases the connected FI and HR systems also changed. The connection should not be to the productive systems any more, but to test systems which also have been copied from the productive HR and/or FI systems.

What to do?

What is important is that you do not create new communication systems, but change the existing ones. The reason is that otherwise the existing data still are connected to the productive ERP system(s).

  • In addition the communication arrangement needs to be changed in a way that it communicates with the test system, if you want to have a technical integration to the test system
  • concerning the communication system ID and the IDOC logical system it depends on which system IDs are sent from the ERP test system or uploaded via excel. If in the uploaded or imported data the productive system ID or logical system is used nothing needs to be done. If the test system ID is used the communication system instance needs to be changed in a way that it contains the test system ID and/or IDOC logical system of the test system

Please be aware that non-processed master data messages and files might still contain the wrong logical system and you might not be able to successfully process them without changing the data

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