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FAQ: Payload Trace

Q1: What is the transaction name for the SAP NetWeaver Payload Trace?
The transaction name is /IWFND/TRACES.

Q2: How many days remains a trace in system?
Once written a trace expires after two days and is deleted by a cleanup batch job of SAP NetWeaver Gateway. You can mark some trace entries and change the expiry dates to suit your own requirements.

Q3: How can I display traces of different OData requests?
You have to mark different trace entries in the trace overview and click Display selected entries.

Q4: Will a trace be written even if the OData request is terminated with error?
Once the OData request is passed to the SAP NetWeaver Gateway framework (after a successful login) a trace is written and contains only entries and times up until the location of the error. Therefore, you can also use the trace to check how far your request has been processed within the framework.

Q5: Is the feature Data Explorer in Gateway Client also available for the Payload Trace?
Yes, you can mark an entry and click HTTP Body to display the Original Payload or use the Data Explorer to display data in a user-friendly table form. For more details about this feature, see the section about the Gateway Client.

Q6: How can I issue a replay from within a payload trace?
A replay is only available for an OData request. Consequently, you have to mark an entry with Request as Call Type and click Replay. The Gateway Client is started with the request headers and body stored in this entry. You can execute the request directly or make some changes before executing the request again.

Here you can also save the whole request as a test case for the Gateway Client.

Q7: Can I display the request and response payload in a user-friendly table form instead of JSON or XML?

Yes, this is available from SAP NW Gateway 2.0 SP08 onwards. Click the so-called Data Explorer in Payload Trace to display the request or response body in a table form. See chapter about Data Explorer in Payload Trace in Some new features in SAP NW Gateway 2.0 SP08 for more details.

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