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Getting started with the SPM evaluation

This tutorial aims at helping you through the first steps during the evaluation of SAP Precision Marketing.

The full documentation of SPM can be found here: SAP Precision Marketing – SAP Help Portal Page

At this stage it is assumed that you have gone through the SPM device API Trial and that you successfully connected to our Trial demo data and retrieved some offers.

If you did not yet, please request a Trial Account from the SPM Developper community page

In the Device API Trial you were able to:

  - Get the client SDK samples and learn how to make calls from your mobile App to the SPM Backend using the Device API.

  - Connect and authenticate to the SPM backend via the SPM device API.

  - Get an offer by retrieving an offer from our sample data in the trial account

  - Get familiar with the sample client SDK to include it in your mobile App

Now let's proceed with the Full Evaluation, you have been granted access to a fresh tenant ready to be loaded with your own content.

We will:

  1. Create your first store
  2. Invite a Business User
  3. Create the first Campaign and Offer
  4. Create API credentials for your tenant
  5. Connect your sample app to this new tenant

You should have received an invitation from SAP ID service access the system as a Retailer Admin.

Note: There are 2 types of Users in SPM:

Retailer Admin: can create Stores and invite other users.

Business User: can create Campaigns and Offers.

After registering and choosing your password, you will be redirected to the SAP Precision Marketing Partner Portal.

1. Create a store

     Log in the Partner Portal with your Retailer Admin User

     select the Store Management / Store tab

     click on the create button, and fill just mandatory fields for now...


      • put the correct GPS coordinates for the store so that you can find it later
      • you can chosse a location near you, it will be easier to test.
      • to easily find GPS coordinates, go to google Maps, right click on a point and select what's here.
      • on the Store description you must enter the info in the default langage for your tenant (use en_US if you are not sure)

2. Invite a Business User

     Log in the Partner Portal with your Retailer Admin User

     select the Users Management tab

     click create new user and enter the mandatory fields

     select the type as Business User and hit save

The user will receive an invitation from SAP ID Service, just like you received.

Now you need to assign rights to this business user, at this stage we will grant this user rights on all stores (you can restrict later)

    Select the Business User you just created

     Hit the Assign Business Group button

     you will see the Administrator group listed first, hit add to add this user to this group.

3. Create your First Offer using the Business User

Login with the Business User account that you just created.


     if you are using more than 1 user on the same machine it can be tricky to juggle with accounts as the authentication can happen in the background

          you could use chrome with anonymous mode to get to enter a user name.

          or you can use a different browser for the Business user (say Firefox)

All offers must be part of a Campaign, so let's first create a campaign, then get to the offer.

Create a campaign

     go to the Campaign Management Tab

     click create, fill the mandatory fields

     On the site store select the store you created earlier (at this stage it should be the only store in the list)

Create an offer

     select the Campaign you just created, you should see in the bottom half of the screen a place to create an offer.

     Hit create offer

     you will notice that all defaults from the campaign will be inherited.

     You can add a barcode for the offer (for ex use UPC-A 12345678999)

     the next tab "Offer Target" is where you select the segmentation for your offers, at this stage we will skip this as we did not enter any segments yet (ps this means that the offer we're about to create will be visible by all consumers)

     on the next tab "Offer description" fill in the required fields for the default language (use en_US if you don't know)

     important: Make sure you hit the save button on this tab before moving to the next tab, this will add the data for the language you selected.


4. Create your Device API Credentials

Log in the Partner Portal using the retailer Admin

go to the API credential tab.

click create device API Key and select the developer secret option.

enter a secret password/phrase and save, the system will generate a device API key for you to use in conjunction with the secret.

5. View your first offer using the Device API

This is where what you learned in the Device API Trial becomes useful.

First you will create your developer ID and then you will make a call to the device API to retrieve the offers around you.

Use the newly created credentials in the sample applications you downloaded with the trial, this should point your sample application to your own tenant.

if you are close enough to the store you created (i.e. within the radius specified) you should see the offer created.

What next?

the next tutorials will focus on creating your first stores and segments programmatically via the SPM Partner API.

Check them out here:

     SPM Evaluation: First steps using the Partner API

     SPM Evaluation: How to use the Partner API in Java

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