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The most common Missing Link in Workflow Cutover - Agent Assignment and RHMOVE30


In my earlier days with Workflow I used to enthusiastically develop workflows, test them and finally when they used to go to QA or PRD....POOF!!!!! NO Work item gone to the agents?

What happened?

Agent Determination was working fine!

No error In Workflow Logs!

Workflow is working fine in DEV!

Then what?

Checking the dialog items, there were no AGENTS in the ActiveX Version Log!!! Still Lost!

Quickly go to the Agent determination step -> agents are getting fetched! Still, no clue!!

Okay, let me try to do a syntax check of the workflow in SWDD.....THERE I see the Warning "TASK TSxxxxxxxx has no agent assignment"..... Oh my Gawd... I forgot to maintain the agents ..... but wait.. I did that in DEV! .... Then I have to do it in QA as well (my biggest mistake)!

I go to PFTC and painfully maintain the Agent Assignment of every dialog step....but then what will happen in PRD? How many times? How many I will be dead by the time I do it for ALL!!!

Then I came to know about RHMOVE30 (Txn RE_RHMOVE30). Simplyi include the Agent Assignment in a TR and forget about the pain faced earlier.

Here is how to include agent assignment in Transport Requests and spare yourself of the above mistake (and the aftermath of course)!!

Execute Transaction RE_RHMOVE30 in DEV Client and provide the following inputs:

In the next screen, select the line for transport:

The click on the “Transport/Delete” button and provide the Customizing TR:

Viola... I am was that simple and I was just killing myself unnecessarily!!!

(NOTE: If you change the agent assignment after the above steps, you will have to redo these steps again)

PS: I Initially deleted this document based on availability of a similar document:…

However, a friendly suggestion came in to put back the document as the above one has the info buried deep inside and may not show up in searches.