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PP-CRP: Scheduling and order dates calculation


The planned and production order dates calculation is a complex topic and the results can be influenced by several different customizing and master data settings.

The documentation of this topic, however, is extense and very detailed.

If the results of the scheduling of an order is unclead or if you would like to have a better understanding about this topic, you will find below a collection of the most useful notes about this topic:

1913017MRP: Forward scheduling and adjust basic dates
1895951Order dates and factory calendar
156933Consulting: Scheduling routing
156115Consulting: Scheduling of planned order for recipe
152319Consulting: Scheduling of planned order for routing
151551Consulting: Scheduling of network
151503Consulting: Scheduling of process order
150007Consulting: Scheduling of production orders
46237Consulting: determination of the order dates
1857912 PP-SFC: Order is rescheduled after confirmation
680454 Order dates after confirmation
499604Incorrect scheduling result