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SAP BusinessObjects - Web Intelligence (WebI)

Web Intelligence 4.0 SP5 and higher LOV search against BICS


Issue Description

In the previous version of Web Intelligence (SP2 was specifically tested for this document), list of value (LOV) searches were allowed to be both local and delegated when against a BICS connection.  Now in BI 4.0 SP5, the LOV search is delegated by default.

Both LOV search features – local and delegated – have to return the same result set for the same input. If not, in some cases it could cause the user to believe an entry does not exist simply because it has not been transferred previously from the database.  This different behavior would be difficult to understand from user point of view, coupled with a potential for inconsistent search results.  Also, a local search with a large hierarchy – for example, millions of entries for dimension Products – would cause unacceptable data transfer and compromise operational quality of Web Intelligence.  Thus, the local search was disabled for BICS connections.

In summary, even though this change somewhat limits the flexibility of the search function, this change eliminates any chance of data inconsistency and ambiguity between searching the prompt values transferred to Web Intelligence, versus the full set of values contained on the backend by forcing the delegated search.  As per the attached SAP KBA, the requirement to "match case" is a limitation of the BICS connections itself.


How to search LOVs against BICS connections:

  1. Search for values using exactly the name of the value with proper case for all characters. Suggest your users to keep track of values they search for frequently and also to take note of any conventions used to name values with respect to which case is used.
  2. When trying to return all values that match a partial string of characters, the '*' (asterisk) character needs to be used as a wildcard. This wildcard is defined as "replacing any string of characters," in the Web Intelligence user guide found on

More Information

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Disclaimer:  This is based on my own experiences and may or may not apply to every situation.

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