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GWPAM: How to use WFSERVICE when configured for Multiple Origin Composition


In an earlier blog I have introduced how to generate an Outlook Add-in dealing with SAP workflows with the help of SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator for Microsoft.

You can configure the WFSERVICE service to collect workflows from multiple backend systems. This is called Multiple Origin Composition (MOC). You can find more information here.

There URL for the service will look like this: http://<host>:<port>/sap/opu/odata/IWWRK/WFSERVICE;mo

If you use this MOC-version of the OData service URL to generate a solution, you might run into the following error message:

“The selected Service is not compatible with the current Workflow template. Check if the Service is maintained in the supported Section within App.Config file for GWPAM”

This can be easily fixed by making an adjustment in the configuration file. The GWPAMProjectWizard.dll.config file is located in AppData --> Roaming --> SAP AG --> GWPAM. Simply rename the existing section from

<Section name="WFSERVICE">


<Section name="WFSERVICE;mo">.

Alternatively you can also copy the entire section and create a new section with <Section name="WFSERVICE;mo">. Some more information on the Workflow Template can be found here.

Now you should be able to generate your solution. The coding will accommodate the additional “SAP Origin” key introduced by the MOC feature. The service proxy will now have two key fields - SAP__Origin and workitem_id.

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