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BlueStaks prevents Users From Login Into SCC in SMP 2.3



This article explains all the steps needed to fix the login issue to SAP Control Central (SCC) after BlueStaks got installed.


This article will walk you through the steps needed to debug and fix the login issue in SCC caused by BlueStaks.


  • SMP 2.3
  • BlueStaks


After a fresh installation of SMP 2.3, the user tries to login to SCC  using the default user id and password which they are:

User ID: supAdmin

Password: s3pAdmin

The following error occured as shown below:


Assuming the following conditions are correct:

  1. You are providing the correct password for supAdmin
  2. SMP is running and there are no errors in the SMP server log
  3. In the agent log located in the following path <SMP-HOME-PATH>\SCC-3_2\log\agent.log, if you only see this
    "FlexClient: 3C7594D9-3008-896E-6A90-76F659134784 -- Authenticating user supAdmin" without any other explaination and the gatway.log has the following message
    " FlexClient: 3C7594D9-3008-896E-6A90-76F659134784 -- Authenticating user supAdmin", then this WIKI will walk you through the steps needed to fix this issue.
  4. BlueStaks is installed

If all the above are correct, then the issue is explained as follow:

  1. When SCC starts, its RMI listens on port 9999.
  2. BlueStaks as well runs on port 9999, because of that, SCC will fail to log the user in and it will not allow you to stop the SCC service nor the shortcut on the Desktop for SMP will stop SCC.


To work around this issue:

  1. Any process listening on port 9999 that is not SCC, you need to either stop it or change its port. In this case, BlueStaks listens on port 9999, so we need to stop the process.
  2. Once the process that is listening on port 9999 is stopped, restart SCC.
  3. Now you should be able to login successfully.