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Using two planning strategies for the same material


In some cases it is necessary to use two different planning strategies for the same material. For example, a material can be planned using a make-to-stock strategy, however, in some specific cases, it should be treated as make-to-order.

It is possible to create a strategy group with both strategies and, during the sales order creation, choose the requirement type related to the desired strategy.

This document provides an quick configuration guide for this scenario.

1 - On the customizing transaction OPPT, you should create your own strategy group, choosing the desired strategies. In this exaple, strategy 40 (make-to-stock) has been defined as the main strategy and 20 (make-to-order) is the alternative strategy:

2 - After that, the strategy group must be assigned to the material material master on tab MRP3:

4 - On the customizing transaction OVZI, make sure that the requirement type is determined according to the planning strategy.

3 - During the sales order creation, go to tab 'Procurement' and check the field 'Requirement type'

4 - The default value is the requirement type related to the main strategy defined on the strategy group. Checking the F4 help, it will be possible to choose another requirement types, related to other strategies from the strategy group.

5 - It is possible to check which requirement type is related to each strategy on the customizing transaction OPPS.

One last detail that must be considered before the implementation of this scenario. Here, we have used one MTS strategy and a pure MTO strategy (without PIR reduction). However, If two very different planning strategies which require PIR reduction are used, you may observe problems on the PIR reduction. The following note provides a detailed explanation of this restriction:

318050Tip:Reductn of plnd ind.reqmts for sevrl strategies