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BCM 7.0 - How to set up average waiting time position in queue for agents serving



You would like to configure BCM to provide a prompt to callers advising them of their average waiting time using BCM's built-in functions.

Steps to use the 'average waiting time', 'position in queue' and 'number of agents serving' in In Queue Messages.:

  1. Create prompt  -> Add New.
  2. Enter Name, Description and Loop Type as per the steps below:
    1. first the normal InQueue message is played.
    2. pause 5 seconds.
    3. configures information about how many agents is serving using cardinal number.
    4. pause 5 seconds.
    5. configures the average waiting time in minutes using cardinal number.
    6. pause 5 seconds.
    7. configures the position in queue using ordinal number.
    8. pause 10 seconds.
    9. loop starts from beginning.

The "Action" column has dropdown from where to select the steps:

   3.     Schedule the prompt for the queue (Sales queue in this sample).

   4.     Limits can be changed on queue level (Sales queue settings).

                         - Default for Waiting time upper limit is 60 minutes

                         - Default for Queue position upper limit is 500

                         - Default for Agents serving upper limit is 10000

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