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SAP Data Services

A better solution for problem referred to in note 1898744 - DS unable to connect to BW target datastore after upgrade


SAP note 1898744 gives a solution for a problem occuring after the upgrade from DS 4.0 to DS 4.1. The same problem has also been experienced when upgrading from DS 4.1 to DS 4.1 SP2. The symptom of the bug is DS is unable to connect to BW as target. The error message returned is:

CRFC error: Cannot connect to SAP Applications datastore <RFC_CONVERSION_FAILURE – Could not convert from 4103 codepage to 1100 codepage rc = 2048> using host <%2>, client <%3>, user <%4>, and system number <%5>. Make sure the SAP server is running and the login information is correct.>.’ (BODI-1111275)

The solution proposed in the note is to “Delete and recreate the BW target datastore”.  This does not seem very appropriate. A datastore cannot be deleted without dropping its contents first. Deleting the transfer structures from the datastore will invalidate all affected dataflows and lead to a lot of manual rework after
recreating the datastore and reimporting its contents.


Therefore implement the following workaround:

  1. Create a new datastore configuration with the same settings as the original one. Do not replicate! - that won’t work because the incorrectly upgrade properties will be copied, too.
  2. Make the new datastore the default one and delete the original one.

And voilà, problem solved!