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Why Opening an AppHaus is Progress

Some of our developers challenge the argument that the flexibility of the AppHaus leads to more collaboration and a better product development.

by Former Member | October 30, 2014

Being challengers and change masters

With over a billion users globally accessing the web, we are witnessing one of the monumental transformations in the history of technology...

by Labs India MD Former Member | October 20, 2014

Green SAP- Achieving Operational Excellence Through Sustainability

Mahesh Nayak H

When the topic of sustainability came about five or six years ago within SAP, I often wondered what SAP has to do with sustainability?

by Labs India COO @Mahesh Nayak H | October 15, 2014

Mapping the Labs World

Looking at different maps helps us understand the world a bit better. As part of the SAP Labs Network team, I often get asked how big this or that Labs is, where they are ...

by Labs Management Former Member | June 5, 2014

The journey to THAT Winning Moment: @KKRiders , @SAPLabsIndia #PepsiIPL

The seventh season of the IPL has come to an end, with 8 teams participating in the event, and Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) turned out to be Champions of Pepsi IPL 2014. A proud moment ...

by @Leon Limson | June 5, 2014

Why is SAP Labs Hungary still so fascinating to me


SAP Labs Hungary was est. in May 2005. Today, more than 230 employees work in the pleasant environment of Graphisoft Park in Budapest.

by Labs Hungary MD @Markus Hilken | May 27, 2014

Super "human" Computing


Man vs. Machine; the capabilities of the human brain have been pitted against the super-fast, super-efficient features of ever-evolving computing technology, every step of the way...

by Labs India MD Former Member | Sixth Sense | May 12, 2014

SAP Labs Latin America: The best minds in the best place


I consider myself a very lucky person. As the MD of SAP Labs Latin America, I work in one of the most beautiful, and most sustainable buildings in the southern hemisphere ...

Labs LatAm MD@Stefan Wagner | Business Trends | May 6, 2014

Why is Research "Re"Search?

His latest post revolves around the intriguing question.

by Labs India MD Former Member | Sixth Sense | April 9, 2014

Develop the world!

Innovation and development at its best! Read more about the first SAP d-code event in Bangalore.

by Former Member | March 17, 2014

A day in the life of an SAP Development Manager

Have you ever wondered what people in the Labs actually do? Read on and find out what the life of an SAP Development Manager at Labs France is like.

by Former Member | March 6, 2014

38 students from the French Business School INSEEC were welcomed at SAP Labs France's facilities in Paris for getting a deeper understanding of our company and technology.
by Former Member | UA Events | January 15, 2014

I’m writing about the team behind SAP’s new product for retail, SAP Ganges. And I’m doing so in this new space on the SAP Community Network – “Inside SAP Labs”.
by Former Member | January 3, 2014

Millennials Change the World with Next Practices from Latin America

What some people refer to as reverse innovation, I call next practices. A perfect example is the energy theft solution, jointly development between our partner Choice and the Co-Innovation Lab (COIL)...

by Labs Latin America MD @Stefan Wagner | SAP Business Trends | December 9, 2013

A Labs Tale: 14 to Be Precise

What would a new SCN page launch be without an introduction? It's usually standard, part of the launch guidelines, and generally expected. But where to start in explaining the concept of Labs and the vital role they play within SAP? The answer my friend...

by @Michael Dalgleish | December 9, 2013

Former Member

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