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SAP Solution Manager

How to Setup the Unified Job Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager 7.1?



The new unified Job Monitoring allows you to monitor all the business-critical background jobs such as ABAP jobs and BW process chains, centrally. In job monitoring concept, you refer the ABAP jobs and BW process chains as monitored objects. You configure these monitored objects in a technical scenario or a business process solution.

You monitor the objects based on:

  • attributes such as job owner, job name, start time
  • time intervals

The following metrics indicate the health of the monitored object:

  • Object status – Failed, Active, Cancelled, Released
  • Scheduling metrics - schedule start time, start delay, end time, duration, out of time window
  • Job log messages
  • Job log content

By setting threshold values for each metric and automatic notification or support message generation conditions, you monitor the jobs.


You are using SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 or higher for BW process chains

You have implemented any additional SAP Notes that are required for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP 10

For other job monitoring specific system prerequisites, refer the SAP Not 1909902


Refer the setup document in the link below:

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