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Transaction Launcher in SAP GUI


This document is part of document series Transaction Launcher.

This document is continued from previous part of the document series with title "Additional features of Transaction Launcher".

From CRM 7.02 (Ehp2 for CRM 7) on wards can you use Transaction Launcher to execute BOR objects or FOP directly in SAP GUI also.

Refer “Note 1890755 - SAP GUI Transactions from WebClient UI” for more details.

Let us see an example of how to use this feature.

Make the RFC and Logical System settings as explained in the document.

1) Creating Transaction Launcher

    Goto Transaction

      SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG –> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework Definition -> Technical Role Definition –> Transaction                     Launcher -> Configure Transaction Launcher.


       Click on "Continue".


        Enter Transaction Launcher ID and click on "Continue".



        Enter "Description", "Handler Class".

        For Transaction Launcher to be executed in SAPGUI, select "Launch in SAPGUI" check box as shown above.

        Click "Continue".


        Select "Transaction Type" as "A" for BOR object based Transaction Launcher.


        Select "Logical System" pointing to the system where you want execute the BOR object based Transaction.

        Enter "BOR Object Type" and "Method"

        Click "Continue".





     Enter "Parameter" and "Value".

     Click "Continue".


     Select "Return Parameter" if you want to save the return data in Interaction Center Activity Clipboard and "Continue".

     "Complete" the Transaction Launcher wizard to successfully create the Transaction Launcher.

     You can view the existing Transaction Launchers by following below path:

     SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG –> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework Definition -> Technical Role Definition –> Transaction Launcher ->          Copy/Delete Launch Transactions. (transaction CRMC_IC_ACTIONPROF)

  If you want the Transaction Launcher to be executed in "New Window" and your work area needs to be retained then select the check boxes "New Window"       and "Keep Work Area" as shown above and SAVE.


  Once Transaction Launcher is created you can integrate it to CRM WebClient UI by following the same steps as mentioned in                                                

     "Common Steps to all types of Transaction Launcher :" Section of this document.

  The output of the above Transaction Launcher will look something like this with Create Sales Order screen launched in SAP GUI  after clicking on link "Retain Window          Create SO".


Once the Sales Order is created successfully, you can view the SO number in Activity Clipboard as shown below.

In the Next Document we will see the other usages of Transaction Launcher.




For Transaction Launcher commonly faced issue refer Note 1013376 .