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SD (Sales and Distribution)

MD04: Problems with sales orders


*** Update from 23/03/2014: Note 1992885 was created based on the information from this document ***

Issues related to sales orders are very frequently observed on transaction MD04. This document provides a brief explanation and the solution for the most common

of these issues:

1 - A sales order/delivery is already completed or deleted but it still appears on MD04.

This is usually an inconsistency and the report SDRQCR21 should be already available on your system to clear inconsistent records. See note 25444 for more details. Notes 2063668 and 1909466 corrects a program error that generates this kind of inconsistency.

If the planning file entry is not marked after running this report, not 2144821 should be implemented.

2 - A MTO sales order is completed/delivered, but the sales order special stock is still displayed on MD04.

Usually, this kind of issue happens because there is a quantity of material still linked to the sales order special stock.

Note 1723507 provides a solution to this issue.

3 - The sales order/delivery number is not displayed.

This is not an error. It happens when “daily requirement” or “weekly requirement” is selected for the availability check in the material master.

See notes 70408 and 1649669 for more details.

4 - The sales order is displayed on MD04, but it does not affect the "available quantity".

This is usually related to the sales order requirement class/type settings. See note 1825187.

5 - The sales order is not displayed on MD04.

Transaction MD04 reads the sales order requirements from tables VBBE or VBBS. If there is no requirements for the sales order on those tables, nothing will be displayed and this is very often related to the sales order requirement class/type settings. See note 207942 for more details.

See also the following document for more frequent issues on MD04: