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BusinessObjects Web Services .NET SDK Applications


This Document lists sample applications using the WS SDK.


The Document contain links to applications using the BusinessObjects Enterprise WS .NET SDK..


The samples in this document use the BusinessObjects Enterprise WS .NET SDK which enables you to incorporate functionality such as organize reports in folders, schedule and view reports, allow administrators to carry out tasks such as managing servers, users, user groups etc.

Links to Sample Applications

BusinessObjects Web Services .NET SDK Feature Samples

Contains Visual Studio 2005 Web projects that highlight features of the BusinessObjects Web Services SDK, including authentication, scheduling, server administration, and viewing documents.02 May 2008

Web Services SDK .NET 2.0 Portal Samples

"This ZIP file contains the Web Services .NET 2.0 portal samples that highlight the following SDK features: 1. Logging into BusinessObjects Enterprise server. 2. Viewing Folder structure and Categories 3. Viewing and listing documents 4. Prompts 5. Query contexts 6. Drilling reports 7. Page navigation 8. DBLogon"29 Feb 2008

BusinessObjects .NET Web Services Consumer API Portal Sample Application

Download the portal sample to learn how to use the web services consumer API using .NET09 Jun 2006

Business Objects .NET Platform Web Services Repository Explorer Application

Business Objects .NET Platform Web Services Repository Explorer Application.09 Jun 2006

Web Services RE Portal Samples

Web Services RE Portal Samples for Business Objects Enterprise XI Release 207 Nov 2008

Visual Studio Tools for Office Sample

The Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) Sample demonstrates how to use Business Objects web services with VSTO to create rich applications that send live data from a BusinessObjects Enteprise XI R3 deployment to Microsoft Office applications.27 Feb 2008

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