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SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports Samples


This Document lists sample reports using the SAP Crystal Reports Designer.


The document contain links to Windows, as well as Web applications in VB and C#.


There are at least three "flavors" of the Crystal Reports Designer:

  1. The "classic" stand-alone designer. This includes all versions of Crystal Reports pre version 9.x as well as Crystal Reports 10.x, 11.0.x, 11.5.x, 12.0.x, and 14.x.
  2. SAP Crystal Reports that bundle with Visual Studio .NET. This includes version 9.1.x (bundled with VS 2001 and VS 2002), 10.2.x (bundled with VS 2005), 10.5.x (bundled with VS 2008) and 13.x (a free download for VS 2010 and 2012 (support for VS 2013 coming end of Q1 2014).
  3. SAP Crystal Reports For Enterprise, version 14.x

The samples listed in this document were created in the "classic" stand-alone designers. As the designer in the Visual Studio bundles is not fully featured, some of the design steps may not be applicable to those versions. Note that this is for the design steps only. A report created in the stand-alone designer will run with no issues in a runtime application. However, reports taking advantage of new features in later versions of Crystal Reports will obviously not function in older versions of Crystal Reports Designer or runtime applications. E.g.; dynamic or cascading parameters will not work in CR 10.x as these features were introduced in later version of Crystal Reports. Similarly, reports created in SAP Crystal Reports For Enterprise will not work at all in any other flavor of Crystal Reports - be it the classic stand-alone version or the Visual Studio Bundles.

Links to Sample Reports

Official Product Tutorials – SAP Crystal Reports 2011 / 2013

Tutorials developed to help the report designer get started using the Business Intelligence Suite products

Calendar Report Samples, Crystal Reports

Four sample reports that demonstrate the creation of calendar style reports;  Calendar Which is Populated With a Date Lookup Table, Calendar Which Populates All Dates in a Range, CalendarYearlyView, CalendarMonthlyView.

Crystal Reports Samples - Versatile and Precise

Seven sample reports show Crystal Reports' versatility and precision. Content include invoices, cheques, PSAT scores report, Dunning letter, financial statement, and project time sheet.15 Aug 2011

Disallow Drill-Down In Subreports in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Sample Report

For BusinessObjects Enterprise 3.x or Crystal Reports Server 2008 only. This sample crystal report contains a javascript function that disables drill-down on sub-reports in the BusinessObjects Enterprise environment.15 Dec 2010

Crystal Reports Sample - Summaries By Time Period

This sample crystal report shows multiple summaries by several time periods based on a user entered ending datetime.


Project Vegas sample Crystal report 01 Dec 2010

CR Server 2008 Auditing Sample Reports

These Crystal Reports samples, based off the Crystal Reports Server 2008 auditing database schema, show how to extract useful information such as what content is being accessed, how it's being accessed, and who is accessing it.16 May 2010

Conditional Date Ranges Passed to Server Sample Report

This report demonstrates how a conditional If-Then-Else statement can be passed server-side by Crystal.11 Apr 2010

Crystal Reports SPC Process Control Chart

Sample Crystal Report showing an SPC - Process Control Chart. This report can be easily adapted to any data source.22 Mar 2010

Dynamic Grouping Drilldown Sample Crystal Report

This report is an adaptable sample that features dynamic grouping / drilldown, dynamic measures, and intra-report navigation.27 Jan 2010

Charting off of Any Number in Crystal Reports

This sample report shows how you can create a chart off of any number in Crystal Reports. Normally it is impossible to chart off of some values that are whileprintingrecords. This includes shared variables. This sample shows how to 'roll the values up' and use a subreport as a chart container.23 Dec 2009

Crystal Reports Navigation A Top of Page Index Using Report Parts

This report demonstrates how to create a top of page index which contains the first letter or number of each group. The end user can go directly to the appropriate group using the index.04 Dec 2009

Tag Cloud Report Sample

This sample is an interactive "tag cloud" created with Crystal Reports. webElements functions are used to create the embedded html controls. This sample can be adapted to use any data set.02 Dec 2009

WebElements Staged Controls Sample

This sample shows how webElements controls can be "staged" to cascade from the highest hierarchy level to the lowest level24 Nov 2009

Crystal Reports Samples - Customer Relationship Management

Zip file of sample Crystal reports for Customer Relationship Management15 Jun 2009

Crystal Reports Samples - Healthcare

Zip file of sample Crystal reports for the health care industry28 May 2009

Crystal Reports Samples - Finance

Zip file of sample Crystal reports for finance.28 May 2009

Crystal Reports Samples - Supplier Relationship Management

Zip file of sample Crystal reports for Supplier Relationship Management28 May 2009

Crystal Reports Samples - Supply Chain Management Reports

Zip file of sample Crystal reports for Supply Chain Management28 May 2009

Crystal Report - Sorting and Filtering

This sample Crystal 2008 report demonstrates filtering and sorting.15 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - Sample GMT Conversion with DST

"Open the report for instructions for converting GMT with DST."11 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - Subreport Linked on Multiple Values Parameter

A multi-value parameter can be linked to a subreport in Crystal Reports. In this sample report, a formula @Multiple_Values_Parameter is created to display the values from Multiple_Values in Report Header c.11 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - Sort Names that Have Special Characters

The purpose of this report is to change the way Crystal Reports sorts strings with special characters. This sample shows how to sort names with apostrophes. Crystal Reports appears to completely ignore the apostrophe and simply checks the next character.11 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - Converting Number to Words

This sample report demonstrates how you can convert a number with two decimal places to words.11 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - Creating Fake Page Header in Subreport

This sample report shows how a Fake Page Header can be created. This is useful specifically in subreports. Subreports do not contain page headers in them. Main reports however do. In this sample report, a page header already exists.11 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - Crosstab Report with Running Total

Sample crosstab report with running totals11 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - Groups in Columns

"This sample report displays groups across the page in separate columns so that each column contains a different group. The steps are: 1) Format the details section as multi-column by going to Format Section | - check ""Format with multiple columns"". Then"11 Jun 2008

Crystal Report - ODBC Join Types

This sample report demonstrates how different types of ODBC join types affect the recordset.There are four different ODBC Join Types: the most common of which are the INNER join and the LEFT OUTER join.11 Jun 2008

Sample Reports included with the driver

The v3 download includes sample reports that are installed under the Samples folder in the installation directory of Crystal Reports XI Release 2. However, some customers have had trouble finding these reports.13 Mar 2008

Customer Satisfaction Results

This report shows the results of a sample Customer Satisfaction survey using Crystal Reports.30 Sep 2007

Text Analysis Sample Universe and Reports

This Business Intelligence Archive file contains a sample implementation of a BusinessObject Universe intended for viewing the output data repository populated by the BusinessObjects Text Analysis XI Release 2 Version 11.5 (for BusinessObjects Enterprise)16 Sep 2007

Advanced Crystal Reports Design Samples

Report Samples to accompany Advanced Crystal Reports Design presentation. See the "power" of conditionally formatting a crosstab. Learn how to "speed" up processing by using arrays instead of sub-reports. Find out how to build a chart that includes "invisible"data. Learn how to "mesmerize"through exciting drill-down reports with conditional formatting techniques.16 May 2007

Crosstab Samples, Crystal Reports

A collection of reports that demostrate various ways of constructing crosstabs.

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