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Additional features of Transaction Launcher


This document is part of document series Transaction Launcher.

This document is continued from previous part of the document series with title "BOR object or ITS based Transaction Launcher".

In this document let us see some of the features of Transaction Launcher.

1) The activity clipboard feature of transaction launcher.

Using this feature of Transaction launcher we can save the transaction results (Eg: Sales Order number)  in the Activity Clipboard of Interaction record.

For example , let us use BOR object BUS2032-> CREATE method for creating the Transaction Launcher using wizard as in shown below screenshot.

[ Click this link to know the detailed steps for creating "BOR object or ITS based Transaction Launcher". ]

Select the Transaction Parameters as shown below in the wizard.

Next Step is “Activity Clipboard Integration” step .  Here it is important to select Parameter and check “Save data in Activity Clipboard” checkbox as shown below.

     Then complete the Transaction Launcher creation steps using the wizard.

     Integrate this Transaction Launcher to CRM WebClient as explained in the Common steps section of the document “Transaction Launcher”.

      Once Transaction Launcher is integrated to CRM WebClient let us see how it looks, In the below screen “ Create SO Activity                                     Clipboard” link executes  the Transaction Launcher.


      In the below screen create a test Sales Order.



            After Clicking on “SAVE”, the successfully created Sales Order will be added to the Activity Clipboard as shown below.


          You can click on this Activity Clipboard link to navigate the Sales Order created as shown below.


     2) Next feature is that we can call transactions in remote system  using Local ITS i.e using ITS of CRM system.

         Note: This feature is available in CRM 7.01 (Ehp1) and higher releases.

         To use this feature in CRM system go transaction CRMS_IC_CROSS_SYS .

         Select the “Local ITS” flag as shown below and “SAVE”.


          Logical System should point to your remote system. Here the remote system is Y56/800. ( Details of using Logical System for Transaction           Launcher can be found in this link ).

          Once this is done you can create Transaction Launcher and use it in standard way.

     3) Next feature is “Keep Work Area” option in Transaction Launcher.


          Note: This feature is available in CRM 7.01 (Ehp1) and higher releases.

           You can use this feature to execute the Transaction launcher in new window and keep the current work area content of the WebClient UI.


          To use this feature,

          a) Go to transaction “CRMC_IC_ACTIONPROF”

          b) Select the Transaction Launcher ID you want to execute in “new window”

          c) Select “New Window” and “Keep Work Area” checkboxes as shown below and “SAVE”.


               Now if we execute the Transaction Launcher the work area content is retained as shown below.


               Without ‘Keep Work Area” flag and with only “New Window” flag set if you execute the Transaction Launcher it looks as below.


    In the next document we will see more features of Transaction Launcher.


For Transaction Launcher commonly faced issue refer Note 1013376 .

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