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Documentation Content for Public Solution Model - Version 1311 - Available


The public solution model (PSM) is the released business content of the cloud Solutions from SAP, which can be used within the SAP Cloud Applications Studio. The different content types that are published are Business Objects, Business Configuration Objects, Data Types, Form Message Types, Object Value Selectors, Embedded Components, UI Inports, UI Outports, and business adaptation catalog (BAC) entries.

The PSM documentation content for version 1311 is now available for download on the SAP Business Center for Cloud Solutions from SAP. (S-user required. Please contact solution partner management if you cannot access the page).

You can download for the different SAP Cloud Solutions the Public Solution Model documentation as a Help file and view the Help content using Microsoft Help Viewer. The Help Viewer is installed when you install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Isolated) Redistributable Package. You need to install the PSM Help content manually.

The available files for the different cloud solutions can be find on the Business Center here:

You can also view the PSM documentation content in the Repository Browser of the studio.

Want to view and download content for version 1308? You can download the available files from the Business Center here:

Need access to content that has not been released for consumption through the PSM?

If you need to access business content for SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, or SAP Cloud for Customer that has not been released for consumption through the PSM, you can request SAP to release this business content by doing the following:

  • Create an incident in your SAP Business ByDesign solution and use the prefix "PSM".
  • Describe the use case of your solution and what you are trying to achieve (that is, what is the purpose of your development/solution?)
  • Describe the required business content/entities to be released in PSM, and why you need them.
  • If you require business content such as the fields of a business object from a UI, provide a screenshot of that UI and highlight the elements that need to be enabled for read-access and for write-access.
  • Add your contact information - that is, e-mail address and telephone number - so that SAP can easily get back to you in case of questions.

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