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SAP Customer Relationship Management

Steps to copy BOR object TSTC to custom Z object type.


This document shows how to copy BOR object TSTC to custom Z object type to use in Transaction Launcher.

1) Go to SWO1.

    Enter Object TSTC and Click “Copy”.


2) Enter new name for Object Type, Program, Object name  for the copied version of BOR Object TSTC as shown in below example.

    Click “Copy” and select the Package you want to store the generated objects.



3) Change the BOR object Z72TSTC to “Change” mode and change the release status to “To implemented” and “Save”.

4) Open Method “Execute” and make it “Synchronous” as shown below and “Save”.

5) Generate the Z72TSTC object as shown below and “SAVE”.

Now the object “Z72TSTC” is generated and saved successfully.

Click this link to go to creation of Transaction Launcher document.

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