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SAP Cloud Portal service

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Portal Service Learning Center - Developer Experience

Note: SAP HANA Cloud Portal was renamed to "SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service" in May 2016.

Develop Cloud-Based Applications for Use in Engaging Business-Driven Sites

SAP HANA Cloud Portal runs on the HANA Cloud platform, a standards-based and modular platform-as-a-service solution for cloud-based applications development. Cloud Portal provides a set of capabilities and technical guidance for users who are developing and deploying widgets and applications for use in Cloud Portal sites. The cloud applications can be securely integrated with the customer's on-premise network for leveraging existing on-premise assets.

Cloud Portal High Level Architecture

Building Blocks

  • OpenSocial - Cloud Portal's component model. Open Social is a set of APIs for building rich, open and inter-operable web applications based on HTML, CSS and Java Script.
  • SAP UI5 - SAP's HTML5 toolkit for building lightweight business UIs on multiple platforms, optimized for consumption of SAP backend system data.
  • IdP Federation (SAML2) - Delegate authentication and identity management to an existing corporate IdP or SAP ID (default IdP).
  • Backend Connectivity - Widgets running in Cloud Portal sites can be configured to communicate with SAP backend systems.
  • Mobile - Build once, consume with any device - desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Marketplace - The place to share solutions, sites and applications. Available on your trial!

Development Process

Learning Materials

No.TopicAvailable Materials
1SAP HANA Cloud Portal Developer GuideGuide
2Info on latest features and changesRelease Notes
3Cloud Portal Deep DiveSlide Deck
4Using LESS in Cloud PortalBlog
5Tech Tips and Tutorials for Cloud Portal DevelopersBlog
6Auto Discovery of Widgets in Cloud PortalBlog
7Building a Smartphone site in Cloud PortalBlog
8Extending UI5 web applications with SAP HANA Cloud PortalBlog
9Cloud Portal Developers TutorialDoc
10SAP TechEd 2013: End-2-End Developer Exercise (CD265)Blog
11HANA Cloud Platform Developer CenterDev Center
12Advanced Theming in HANA Cloud PortalBlog
13Styling UI5 controls in HANA Cloud Portal widgetsBlog
14Get Your Free Trial Today!Guidelines


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