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SAP Demand Signal Management

Advanced Analytics for SAP Demand Signal Management using Predictive Algorithms (PAL) directly in SAP HANA


This document describes use cases of advanced analytics (data mining and predictive analytics) for SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM), powered by SAP HANA. Moreover, the technical steps of an exemplary implementation, using algorithms from the SAP Predictive Analysis Library (PAL), as well as the integration of the results in the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio are shown.

This includes the following topics:

Part 1: Use Cases of Advanced Analytics for SAP Demand Signal Management, e.g. Sales and Stock Analysis, Market Analysis, Correlation Analysis,...

Part 2: Implementation of Linear Regression with PAL (based on Data in SAP Demand Signal Management)

Part 3: Visualization of the results using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

The approach is to prepare and model the data in HANA Views, based on the DSiM data model and to integrate and execute suitable PAL algorithms directly in the calculation views.

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