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Integration Gateway in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0


Introduction to Integration Gateway

Integration Gateway is a component which is part of the SAP Mobile Platform, that provides the ability to enable OData services from various SAP and non-SAP (OData and non-OData) datasources.

To build the services the GateWay Productivity Accelerator (GWPA), an Eclipse-based Toolkit, provides tools for modeling and generating components that are deployed through Integration Gateway.

Integration Gateway includes:

  • Runtime environment, for connecting to various datasources (both SAP and non-SAP) and fetching runtime data
  • A SAPUI5 based User Interface(UI) i.e  Gateway Management Cockpit, for managing Service Repository.

Integration Gateway allows you to connect to different back ends, fetch data at runtime, and convert it into OData models to expose data as an OData service using:

  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  • OData Channel (ODC)

The data model developer uses GWPA to model and generate services. The data model developer harmonizes different data models, structures, values, and so on, into a single OData model to be provisioned as an OData service.

Enabling Models as OData Services

The Toolkit for Integration Gateway allows you to expose OData services based on database tables by mapping the model definition to the corresponding tables. Define an OData model to match the table properties, then bind the OData model to a datasource using Toolkit for Integration Gateway. The resulting OData services can be consumed by any client of SAP Mobile Platform and makes the OData service available for consumption.


Enabling a data model as an OData service includes:

  1. Creating an OData Model.
  2. Creating a service implementation project.
  3. Selecting the datasource to be configured with the service implementation project by specifying the OData references and the datasources to bind with the entity set.
  4. Generating the runtime artifacts and deploying the project to SAP Mobile Platform Server.

Managing Services in Gateway Management Cockpit

Gateway Management Cockpit is the central UI for all administration tasks for Integration Gateway.

Gateway Management Cockpit can be used to:

  1. Manage destinations (of type - HTTP, JPA,JDBC)
  2. Manage service registrations (of Type - Custom / ABAP Based OData Services)
  3. Troubleshoot.

Reference Scenario - ESPM

ESPM Reference Scenario is a sample service which will be displayed in Gateway Management Cockpit. For more information on this Sample service, refer the below given links :

More Information

For any queries, contact Balantrapu, Sai Harish <> or C V, Suma <>