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Transaction Launcher

Following document series will provide most of the information for using the Transaction Launcher feature of SAP CRM.

Transaction Launcher is a tool used to integrate other applications to the CRM WebClient. These integrated applications mostly provide functionalities that are not implemented by CRM WebClient.

Types of Transaction Launcher:

  1. Transaction Launcher based on URL
  2. Transaction Launcher based on BOR object
  3. Transaction Launcher based on FOP.

In the 1st part of the document series Transaction Launcher based on URL type is explained.

1)  Transaction Launcher based on URL:

      This type of Transaction Launcher is used to integrate Web Pages (URLs) into the CRM WebClient.


      The target Web page to be displayed must be able to run in an IFRAME.

       [  Follow this link to  check if the URL runs in an IFRAM or not?  ]

      Creation Steps:

       a) First define the URL that you want to call using below path.

           SPRO-> IMG->Customer Relation management -> UI Framework - >Technical Role Definition – > Transaction Launcher ->Define URLs and 


The above example shows definition for simple Non-BSP URL.

You can also call your BSP URL by selecting “BSP URL” radio button.

In the above section you can define parameters which later can be used to pass data to the URL you are calling.

b) Creating Transaction Launcher:

In this step, include the URL_ID as  parameter of Transaction Launcher using the  wizard. You can find the
Transaction Launcher wizard in Customizing path

SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition ->Transaction Launcher -> Configure Transaction Launcher.

Select “Continue”

Enter Transaction Launcher ID and Continue.


Enter “Description” and “Handler class” name and Continue.

Handler class will be generated by the Transaction Launcher wizard once you complete all the steps.

Select the “Transaction Type” = B URL Transaction.

Enter “URL ID” created in step (a) and Continue.

IF any input parameter is define in URL definition (Step a), you can select it here and you can assign value for the same. If no values are defined Select “Continue “ without any entries.

“Complete” the wizard and Save the Transaction Launcher definition in a request.


Common Steps to all types of Transaction Launcher:


C) Integration to Navigation Bar of CRM WebClient.

     In this step Transaction Launcher created in step (b) is integrated to Navigation Bar of CRM WebClient.

   -> Define Logical Link for the Transaction Launcher (Navigation Bar Customizing).

Transaction SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG –>Customer Relationship   Management ->UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition –> Define Navigation Bar Profile -> Define Logical links

Make a new entry as show above.

->Assign the logical link to either a work center or a work center link or to a direct link that is part of  your navigation bar profile.

   Here I am assigning it to Work Center.

-> In the next step assign the Transaction Launcher Work Center to your Navigation Bar profile.

-> In next step,

Ensure that the Work center or  Direct Link Group is visible at Business Role level .


Transaction SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG –> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Business Roles -> Define Business Role


Common Steps End


Now you should be able to  see the working transaction launcher in the CRM WebClient .

HP URL is opened in new window after you click on "HP Link" work center.


In below section you can see  additional information:   

-> As explained in step (b) screen 3, if "Raise Veto" flag is selected then if the user clicks on "END" button of Interaction Center without closing                      transaction launcher window then warning message is displayed as shown in the below screenshot.

-> As shown in the Step (a) 1st screen, While defining the URL ID if the user selects "Hide Data Loss" flag then following warning pop up will not be displayed upon navigating away from  URL Based Transaction Launcher. (Transaction Launcher in Work Area Scenario).


In the next document We will see how to create (2) Transaction Launcher based on BOR objects.


For Transaction Launcher commonly faced issue refer Note 1013376 .