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"Show All Values” is always seen when using a Dropdown Box in a Web Template


How to correct the issue regarding "Show All Values” is always seen in the Dropdown Box appearing the resultant page while executing a Web Template although

the option "Display ALL Entry” is  "Off" in the parameters of the Dropdown Box Web Item of the Web Template.


You are using a Web Item Dropdown Box in a Web Template, displaying characteristic values from a Data Provider (query).

While executing this Web Template (containing Dropdown Box as Web Item),  in the Dropdown Box appearing in the resultant page "Show All Values” is always seen although the option "Display ALL Entry” is "Off" in the parameters of the Dropdown Box Web Item.

This issue is relevant for SAP Business Warehouse Release 7.00, 7.01,7.02, 7.30

In Result page ‘Show All Values’ is seen in Dropdown Box:


The display in the Dropdown Box does not affect the result, it only shows the current filter state in the Data Provider. The ALL-value can only be suppressed initially, in case there is an initial filter value defined in the related query/data provider for questionable characteristic/structure.

As long as there is no such filter the user gets "ALL" data and therefore the entry is correctly displayed and marked. As soon as a specific filter value is selected, the entry "ALL" should be removed because of the parameter ALL_VALUES_ENTRY_INCLUDED="". The described behavior corresponds with the concept of this value.

> Set an initial filter, if you don´t want to avoid the unfiltered query state.


(by going to Web Application Designer -> Relevant Web Template -> Double click on Web Item Dropdown Box -> Web Item Parameters (on the left side of the page) -> Data Binding : CHARACTERISTIC_SELECTION -> Here, look for the parameter Display ALL Entry)i.e. set the parameter Display ALL Entry to Off if entry "Show All Values" should be disabled. This only works in case an initial filter value was defined in the related query/Data Provider for questionable characteristic/structure. Else, entry

"Show All Values" is shown until a filter was set.

In the Result page, ‘Show All Values’ is not getting displayed in Dropdown Box when initial filter value was set:

Please also check the following link with regard to Data Binding Type CHARACTERISTIC_SELECTION :

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