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Developing Mobile Apps with SAP Mobile Platform - Enablement Resources

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The SAP Mobile Platform SDK - now available as a separate download from Service Market Place - provides you with tools that streamline the development, delivery, security and management of mobile applications.

SMP provides you with an open development environment, which enables you to develop mobile applications using familiar environments and languages, open-source tools, and third-party toolkits, libraries, and frameworks. You can leverage SAP Mobile Platform services for authentication, secure data access and integration to SAP and non-SAP back-end software, application versioning and lifecycle management, usage analytics, and end-to-end traceability.

SAP Mobile Platform SDK development tools and SDKs leverage common open source technologies and standards to increase your productivity and reduce development time.

  • Native OData: the OData SDK provides an open and flexible framework for native OData application development
  • REST API: enables standard HTTP client apps running in any platform to access SMP REST services. (see @Jitendra Kansal blog on SMP 3.0 : REST API Application Development )
  • Kapsel: a set of SAP plugins for Apache Cordova to develop hybrid applications.
  • Mobile Application Workbench: Eclipse-based editor to customize mobile apps without recompiling the code.
  • Agentry Designer: Eclipse-based editor and SDKs to develop metadata-driven applications.
  • SMS Builder: provides tools to visually compose SMS mobile apps and test them using a built-in simulator.
  • Client Hub: when we have multiple enterprise applications in the device, Client Hub app helps to share common credentials between the apps. (see @Midhun VP's new blog, 2 Steps to Manage Mobile App Registration using Client Hub)

Supported SAP Development Tools – in addition to tools provided with the SAP Mobile Platform SDK - include

The most important places to

Developing Mobile Apps with SMP 3.0

Watch the recording or download the pdf presentation by @Jeff Gebo to understand what technology options you have to develop your own mobile apps.

Jeff covers the following sections - more detailed information including more webinars can be found further down on this SCN page:

  1. Native Apps

  2. UI5 Apps

  3. Hybrid Apps

  4. Meta-driven Apps

Application Types

Native Apps

Native apps are written in the language of a device's OS, are typically performing better than other application types and provide full access to a device's hardware (camera, GPS and more).

Native apps are often used for consumer facing apps - when branding and customer satisfaction are of highest priority. As a draw back, native apps have to be re-written for different device technologies, and therefore can come at a higher cost.

SAP's OData SDK provides an open and flexible framework for development of online and offline apps for iOS, Android, and - with release of SP5 of the SDK - Windows (Blackberry is supported through REST API).

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Hybrid Apps - 'Kapsel'

Hybrid apps are web style apps that run in a native container. They combine advantages of web apps and native apps - write once, run on many devices, access device functionality. Thus, they are also referred to as 'cross platform apps' (blog by Former Member)

With SMP 3.0, we introduced 'Kapsel' (German for capsule): a set of plugins for Apache Cordova containers. The Kapsel plugins provide capabilities like application life cycle management, implementation of a common logon manager and single sign-on (SSO), integration with SAP Mobile Platform Server-based push notifications and so on.

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Agentry Apps

Agentry apps are also referred to a reader is required on the device, that renders the metadata driven apps. Typically used for employee facing apps like work manager or rounds manager.

SMP 3.0 greatly enhances the support for Agentry Client Extensions, and your options to tailor and customize SAP's apps to your specific needs.

The Agentry Toolkit provides an Eclipse-based editor and SDKs to develop metadata-driven apps that integrate with your systems and databases, develop and configure mobile apps, give you complete control over connectivity, security and scalability, and manage your mobile solution.

With SMP 3.0, we also introduce the Open UI Framework that allows you to develop custom UI controls and your own representation of the Agentry Screen.

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Web Apps / UI5 Apps (SAP Web IDE)

(previously known as SAP River RDE)

SAP Web IDE is an extensible development environment with a growing set of embedded tools covering the end-to-end development process. It lets you rapidly design, build, and deploy Fiori-like web applications based on SAPUI5.

  • Improved developer productivity through wizards, templates, and code editors
  • Customize or build SAP Fiori applications
  • Develop your apps once and run them on mobile devices, or your desktop

Check the SAP Web IDE - Enablement pages on SCN for an in-depth look, including webinars.

SMS Apps

Develop an SMS app to manage consumer services by sending and receiving SMS messages.


Service Deployment  (Mobiliser)

The Mobiliser portal templates are reference Web applications, which you can customize to meet your mobile-banking needs. You can also develop new Web applications to communicate with SAP Mobile Platform.


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