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Mobile Application Development Platform for Administrators and Architects

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Getting Started

You can find a variety of information related to SMP 3.0 and the administration of the SAP Mobile Platform from the links below:

Got a question to any of these topics? Ask us!

Webinars Recording - SMP Security

Webinar by @Dirk Olderdissen, December 2014 (pdf available):

  • SMP 3.0 Security Overview
  • Certificates in the Mobile Space (10:35)
  • Two-Factor Authentication (19;30)
  • Agentry Security Concepts (26:30)
  • Networking - Push, DMZ, 3rd party Authentication (37:00)
  • Summary (42:00)

Webinars Recordings - SMP Administration and Monitoring

Webinar by @John Polus, November 2014:

Cluster Overview & Installation Process

  • Introduction - 0:30
  • Admin Cockpit: 'Cluster' Tab - 6:00
  • Admin Cockpit: 'Settings' Tab 12:30

Monitoring with Solution Manager

  • Introduction 20:10
  • Technical Availability Monitoring - 28:00
  • Change Analysis 32:00
  • Workload Analtyis 36:40
  • Trace for Mobile Apps 39:40

Webinar and pdf by @John Polus, June 2014

  • Introduction to SMP 3.0
  • Architecture of the new release
  • Landscape, Installation and Server Administration
  • New Administration Cockpit

SMP3 Server - Installation

This Installation Overview presentation gives you a great first feel for how easy it is to set up SMP 3.0.

As part of our Scheduled Events series, we will release a set of How-To videos in January and schedule an Q&A call to address your questions on the topic.

The videos will cover:

  • SMP 3.0 Developer Server and Production Server installation
  • Uninstalling the SMP 3.0 server
  • Installing Mobiliser on the SMP 3.0 server

Top Links

SMP 3.0 Administration

The Administration Overview presentation (link below) gives you a great first feel for how easy it is to achieve the most important admin tasks with SMP 3.0.

Top Links

  • Documentation for SMP 3.0 Administration
  • Administration Overview Presentation
    A walk through all sections of the Management Cockpit will provide and understanding of Administration tasks, including application reporting and log administration


How-To Guides

Application Registration & Configuration with SMP 3.0 Admin Console

Configuring Agentry Apps

Configuring Kapsel Apps

Need to know more about Agentry apps? Check out this Landing Page for information on standard SAP apps as well as how to build your own.

Kapsel is a set of plugins that SAP delivers for the popular open source Cordova framework. The plugins allow you to access SMP features with Cordova Apps.

Configuring Native Apps

Native apps include a variety of technologies, like Android, Apple and more.

Reporting with SMP 3.0 Admin Console

SMP 3.0 takes reporting to a new level. in these two videos, you'll see how you can use the Amin Console for device & application reporting, and learn what reporting features are delivered for logs and for tracing.

Device and Application Reporting

Log and Tracing Reporting

SMP 3.0 Security

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