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Mobile Application Development Platform - Integration

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SMP 3.0 Simplifies Integration

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SMP 3.0 brings together different mobile technologies - SUP, Agentry and Mobiliser -, each of which had previously implemented their own integration framework and that each came with its own capabilities and purposes.

With the consolidation of the different technologies, SMP 3.0 introduces a much simplified and unified approach to (back-end) integration: relying on the standard OData protocol. SAP NetWeaver Gateway provides the direct OData connectivity to SAP back-ends, whereas Integration Gateway provides additional integration to 3rd party systems using protocols such as SOAP,REST, JDBC, JPA, and more.

In his blog There is a Gateway for that ..., @Mustafa Saglam addresses in more detail what the different Gateway solutions are used for.

Got a question on Integration? Ask!

End-to-End Push

The H2G explaining how to implement end to end push notification scenario using HCPms and SAP Gateway.

How To... Implement End-to-End Push Notifications with HCPms and SAP Gateway

Integration Gateway

Integration Gateway is a technology component that provides design-time tools and the associated run-time for modeling, composing and provisioning OData services. These can be based on one or more APIs from various SAP and non-SAP data sources.

The data sources supported as of today are SOAP,REST, JPA and JDBC to access non-SAP data sources as well as ODC for accessing OData services provisioned via SAP Gateway.

Integration Gateway is delivered inside SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 as an on-premise solution. It is fully implemented in Java and runs on SAP Lean Java Server, a lightweight OSGi based application server.

Integration Gateway plugins support for Eclipse JUNO had already been ended last year by SAP and now there is SMP Tools on Eclipse - The "Luna" Cometh... for Eclipse Kepler as well. So what is next? Now, SAP has come up with new SAP Mobile Platform tools in Eclipse Luna. How to install SAP Mobile Platform Tools for Integration Gateway in Eclipse IDE by @Jitendra Kansal


  • Documentation of Integration Gateway is part of the SMP 3.0 Server Documentation (SP8)

How-To Guides

SAP Integration on SAP CodeTalk

Webinar Recording - Intro to Integration Gateway

For a first introduction to SAP Gateway, watch & listen to @Ian Thain's interview with @Jeff Gebo from the SAP Customer Experience Group.

Find Ian's complete list of SAP Code Talk interviews on YouTube!

@Mustafa Saglam, Product Manager SAP Gateway, introduces Integration Gateway and the unique value it adds to SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.

  • SAP's Strategy for Integration in Mobility
  • SAP Gateway & Integration Gateway
  • Integration Gateway in SMP 3.0
  • Provisioning OData Services in SMP 3.0
  • Demo SAP Gateway & Integration Gateway
  • Q&A (starting at about 00:48)

SAP Mobile Platform Tools

The SAP Mobile Platform Tools are the design time tools that you use to design and provision OData services for SAP Mobile Platform. The tool set comes with two components: The OData Modeler is used to design OData models, the API Toolkit is used to bind the OData to data sources.

Read Amit Nigam's blog on how SMP Tools relate to the now deprecated NetWeaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator (GWPA):  SAP Gateway Developer Tools – Bridging the Past, Present and Future.

  • OData Modeler
    The OData Modeler lets you create, import and design Odata models. It follows the open OData standard and is suitable for creating & editing OData Models from different sources and for different destinations.

  • API toolkit
    Using the API toolkit, you can bind OData models that you created with the OData Modeler to additional data sources, such as SOAP, REST, JPA, JDBC or ODC (OData Channel for SAP NetWeaver Gateway).

Getting Started

5 Videos to understand SAP Mobile Platform Tools

@Bjoern Woppmann, Product Manager for SAP Gateway, provides a great overview of the SMP Tools in his 6 videos:

Video 1: Introduction to SAP Mobile Platform Tools

Videos 2 - 6:

NetWeaver Gateway - Implementing OData Services

The SCN Space for NW Gateway holds all knowledge about NW Gateway in one place. Make this a frequent stop!

Three How-To guides help with offline features for mobile apps:

  1. How to Develop a Gateway Service using Code based Implementation
  2. How to Develop Query Options for an OData Service Using Code-Based Implementation

See also this review of ETags use within SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 by Former Member and Former Member

"How do we build the best OData services for offline scenario?" Series

Introductory slides & demo, presented at SCN Webinar on April 23rd, 2015.

#1 - OData CRUD Crash Course - Getting ready with offline store

The idea of this "Crash Course" is making preparation steps for the subsequent H2G series about the best practice OData implementation for the Offline store with SAP Gateway. You don't have to be an ABAP expert - this content is intended for novice ABAP programmers - it should be easy to follow, if you have general understanding & experience in other programming languages. It is easy and - fun :-)

#2 - How To Implement $skiptoken (with TravelAgency made in #1) explains how to build OData Query service which supports $skiptoken (Server Side Paging) with SAP Gateway.

#3 - How To Implement Lightening Fast OData Services with Exchange Table explains how to extend OData services so that Delta Tracking and Delta Query work by taking advantage of SAP Gateway & Syclo xChange Framework.

#4 - How To Use Delta Query and Server Side Paging with Soft State explains how to implement both Server Side Paging and Delta Query altogether in SAP Gateway.

NetWeaver Gateway & SAP (Syclo) Exchange Framework

Together with other technologies, NetWeaver Gateway helps you compute delta queries. @Patrick Kelleher describes this in great length in his blog Delta Calculation using the SAP Exchange Framework.

Additional, detailed resources are:

DEPRECATED!  NetWeaver Gateway - Productivity Accelerator (GWPA)

SAP has officially ended the support of Eclipse Juno in June 2014. Since GWPA is only available on Juno, this tools is no longer offered by SAP.

Features relevant to the SAP Mobile Platform are now published as the "SAP Mobile Platform Tools".

What does that mean for you? Amit Nigam explains this how we have you covered in his blog SAP Gateway Developer Tools – Bridging the Past, Present and Future.

As as summary for the three individual components of GWPA:

  • OData Modeler: We will have a new and improved tool in the Kepler release
  • Provisioning Tools: Currently we have “Toolkit for Integration Gateway” which supports SMP 3.0 (more above).
    In Kepler we will have an improved toolkit called “API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform”.
  • Consumption Tools: Please refer SAP River Rapid Development Experience, the Next IDE for more details

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