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Install SAPHOSTAGENT manually

The following document describes the procedure of installing SAPHOSTAGENT on an AIX platform.

Log in as root.

sudo su –

Check Space in /tmp

df –g /tmp

Create a directory called hostagent in /tmp

cd /tmp

mkdir hostagent

Copy the hostagent SAR file to the created location

cd /tmp/hostagent

cp /<hostagent sar file location>/SAPHOSTAGENT118_118-20005725.SAR .

Extract the hostagent

/sapmnt/<SID>/exe/SAPCAR -xvf SAPHOSTAGENT118_118-20005725.SAR

Install the hostagent

cd /tmp/hostagent

./saphostexec -install

Check the directory

Check the file permissions in /usr/sap/hostctrl as per the screenshot above.


cd /tmp/hostagent

./saphostexec -version


cd /tmp/hostagent

./saphostexec -status

To stop run:

cd /tmp/hostagent

./saphostexec –stop

To uninstall:

cd /tmp/hostagent

./saphostexec -uninstall