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SAP Cloud Portal service

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Portal Service Learning Center - Extension Platform

Note: SAP HANA Cloud Portal was renamed to "SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service" in May 2016.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Extension Package for SuccessFactors

The extension package solution enables you to easily and quickly extend your SuccessFactors Employee Central core functionality in order to respond to growing business needs. The platform supports end-to-end lifecycle management from development through deployment and delivers its out-of-the-box SuccessFactors user experience across all modules and extensions.

Introduction to SuccessFactors Extension Package

Extension Package - Discovery Consulting

Value Proposition

  • Customers can use extensions to add custom functionality to their core implementations. Extensions are well integrated both into the administration and into the consumption experience. With the growing eco-system of partners developing extensions, customers can easily enrich their SuccessFactor's functionality with low TCO.

  • Partners can develop, run and commercialize open-standards based applications using the HANA Cloud platform out-of-the-box services combined with a lean certification process. The path to SAP and SuccessFactors customer base becomes easier.

Learning Materials

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