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Table modification when only display mode is available

There are certain scenarios where new rows need to be inserted in a table but the table has only display functions available. The table cannot be modified from SE16 even with an id with full authorizations. Further "no maintenance view exists" for them and thus the table cannot be edited from SM30 as well. In such scenarios, we can modify the ABAP code to allow edits and inserts in the table.

However undue tampering of system tables may lead to issues in the system and hence such needs to be exercised with caution!

I have currently used a table to show as an example.

Display the contents of the table

Select one entry.

Start the ABAP Debugger by hitting /h

You will receive a note saying "Debugging switched on" at the bottom of the screen.

Hit Enter Key again to open the Debugger.

Once the Debugger is open, search for the word "CODE" and double click on it.

You will notice that the value of Variable "CODE" is set to "SHOW"

Click on the "pen" icon next to the Value and change it to INSR for insertion. Other options are available for EDIT and DELETION. Hit Enter once the new value for CODE is selected.

Click on the below button to execute the code in Debugging mode.

You will receive a screen where you are able to enter new data.

Once done, save the data and the new row will be entered in the table.