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How to correct wrong URL generated when executing query in Java Web


To know where to maintain the correct URL Prefix which is used for executing query in Java web.


You execute the query either from Query Designer(7.x) or from RSRT using the button Java Web.

You notice that the URL generated by the query is wrong due to which query gives error when executed.

Steps to follow to maintain correct URL settings:


  • Goto transaction SE16
  • Enter table name RSPOR_T_PORTAL
  • Select the default marked portal
  • Check the entry for URL Prefix

If the URL Prefix maintained is incorrect , please maintain following below steps:

  • Goto transaction SM30
  • Enter table name RSPOR_T_PORTAL
  • Maintain the correct URL Prefix

This will now generate the correct URL when executing the query.

Please refer KBA - 1841224

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