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Mobile Application Development Platform - Overview

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Welcome to the SAP Mobile Application Development Platform (formerly SMP3.0 Enablement)!

This is where we will cover both the on-premise and cloud versions of the Mobile Platform. We will continue to update the content for the SMP3.0 and also add new content for HANA Cloud Platform mobile services.

What are the differences between SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and SAP Mobile Platform 3.0?  The big difference is that one runs in the cloud, and the other on-premise.

Because both share the same SDK and code  base, it makes sense to have one location for all information sources to be found. Over the next few weeks, we will be changing the SMP3 Technical Enablement pages to include developer, IT admin and integration content that apply to both. We will also call out areas with the approaches are different between the two solutions.

SAP Mobile Application Development Platform: in the cloud and on-premise

SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services SDK is available for download!

  • The HCPms SDK is available for download in the SAP Store

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is released and is available for customers to download!

For us, who are working on this technology, it is only the beginning of a journey. A journey on which we support you while you get to know the many great features of SMP 3, and help you bringing your projects to success.

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is a new chapter in openness, standardization, and unification.  Read more about SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0 and SAP Mobile Platform Server 3.0:

SMP 3.0 Server SP4 and SMP 3.0 SDK SP5 released!

These highly anticipated support packages include key enhancements: for native and hybrid, Kapsel based apps (offline!); for Customers using Agentry-based applications such as SAP WorkManager (multiple apps per instance; enterprise grade aspects like supportability, administration, integration and security!), and much more.

Read it all in this blog, or watch the recording of the Overview Webinar (see below)

Server and SDK decoupled

Starting with SMP 3.0, we have decoupled the SMP SDK from the SMP Server: they are available as separate downloads, the documentation is split, and updates (e.g., Support Packages) are released in different intervals.

Our main motivation for doing this is to gain agility: we can now quickly react to innovations that directly or indirectly impact mobile app development by releasing updates for the SDK, without the need for you to upgrade the server.  This SDK is also used by HCP mobile services, not just by SMP.

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Organized by the RIG and presented by mobility experts from various SAP teams, we use a number channels for knowledge transfer. Use main tabs for navigation:

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  • Events page: lots of free webinars, regularly updated

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