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Steps for Logging BICS Activity

This process involves three major steps:

  1. Activating logging activity for BICS component by increasing the severity level
  2. Extracting the logs/trace files
  3. Decreasing the severity level back to normal

Step 1 – Activating Logging

  1. Login to Netweaver Administrator – <scheme>://<host>:<port>/nwa – as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Troubleshooting > Logs and Traces > Log Configuration.
  3. Set the Show dropdown to Tracing Locations.
  4. Find folder com > sap > ip > bi.
  5. Once you locate the com > sap > ip > bi folder, select the bi folder and set the Severity to Debug
  6. Click the Copy to Subtree button to change the severity level for all child items.
  7. Click Save Configuration.
  8. Repeat the steps for com > sap > ip > vc.

Step 2 – Reproduce the Problem and Extract Log and Trace Files

After you reproduce the problem, the default trace can be found at following location on the CE server:
<drive>:\usr\sap\<instance name>\J<instance number>\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\. The file is the latest  defaultTrace_00.<number>.trc file. Attach this file together with time and date of the error to the message.

Step 3 – Reduce the Severity Level Back to Error – VERY IMPORTANT

It’s very important to lower the logging severity level back to Error after the error was reproduced and log files were extracted.

Make sure you do this for both of the following components:

  • com > sap > ip > bi
  • com > sap > ip > vc
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