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SAP Cloud Portal service

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Portal Service Learning Center - Getting Started

Note: SAP HANA Cloud Portal was renamed to "SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service" in May 2016.

E2E Guide for Setting Up a Site Using Cloud Portal

SAP HANA Cloud Portal contains a wide range of site creation and authoring tools. In this guide, you will find the best practices for using Cloud Portal to set up a cloud-based site and share it with your clients. As a site author you can applying themes to your site, manage the page content, and view the immediate results of your work.

Create an Engaging Website in 5 Simple Steps

The guide is structured into the following exercises:

  1. Create and Configure a New Cloud Portal Site
  2. Add Out-of-the-Box Widgets from the Catalog
  3. Add Pages and Content to Your Site
  4. Enhance the Site Layout and Theme
  5. Preview the Site and Publish to Users

Access Cloud Portal Site with Your Smartphone

Learning Materials

No.TopicAvailable Materials
1Get Your Free Trial Today!Guidelines
2Cloud Portal administrator role - managing contentManaging Content
3Upload custom themes for tenant sitesManaging Themes
4Assign roles for site creationManaging Roles
5Transfer a site from one tenant to anotherTransferring Sites
6Managing sites in the Site DirectorySite Directory
7Building sites in the Authoring SpaceAuthoring Space
8Smartphone Sites in Cloud PortalBlog
9Setting a URL for an offline siteBlog
10Adding video widget to your siteBlog


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