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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

How to change real time cube from Planning to Data load mode


To provide information on how to change the realtime cube from Planning to Data load mode.


You have a planning query based on a realtime cube. The cube is currently in plan mode and allow you to enter data in input-ready cells.

Now you want to load some data and need to change the cube from plan to data load mode.

Steps to follow to change realtime cube from Plan to Data load mode:

  • Goto transaction RSA1

  • Goto Infoprovider tab
  • Select your realtime cube and do right mouse click to get the properties
  • Choose the option 'Change Real-Time Load Behavior'

  • Choose the option 'Real-time Data Target Can Be Loaded With Data; Planning Not Allowed'

This will enable you to load data in the realtime cube and will not allow to input any data in the input-ready cells.

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