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How to make Feeds work in a custom TI



     Display the Feeds on a custom TI screen facet like in FEED workcenter.



  1. Add to the screen the EC Feed (for TI it is already there): FeedList_EC – eventually hit a search in Configuration.
  2. Bind the Feed EC:
  3. Navigate to Navigation Configuration tab and create a new navigation:
  4. Select The inport from the FeedList_EC: SetTargetContextInPort.
  5. Select the previously created Outport from the custom screen and bind the parameters like here:
  6. The outport used above is:
  7. The data model use for this example:

    It is important to bind the UUID from left with the NodeID from the custom BO used.
  8. Set the properties for both the screen used and also the WorkCenter View used  to show the screen in frontend:

  9. Trigger on the event OnInitialize from DataModel – Root an event handler that will be used to call the outport:
  10. The event handler create can be similar with:

    The passed parameters can be over coded (static) or bind to other data fields (dynamic). In this handler it must be defined three parameters:
    Bo name, Namespace for this BO and the screen type.
  11. To get the namespace:

  12. Set the namespace:

  13. Set the thing type:

    This is the thing type name as appeared in definition.
  14. Make sure you add also the Fire outport Operation – that will trigger the outport to standard EC Feeds:
  15. Optionally the Feeds can be configured  dynamically or as in the following example (static):

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