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PBF Guide to Read Textual Data Related to Budget Forms

Line Text

PBF allows users to maintain description/comments for each line item entered in expense and revenue tabs. Refer to the figure below for an
example of how this feature looks on the front end.

Related function module/RFCs:

Function NameDescription
/PBFBI/READ_LINE_ITEM_TEXT    Return Line Item Text
/PBFBI/WRITE_LINE_ITEM_TEXTWrite line item text to DSO

Executing the /PBFBI/READ_LINE_ITEM_TEXT function from backend for test data created for form 44 from the front end:

The input to READ LINE ITEM TEXT function is the Budget Form header details (for example: FM Area, Fund, Functional Area, and so on), form
definition (for example: form name, form type), and line item information (for example: fund center, commitment item, and so on).

Form Elements and Comment Boxes

Form elements and comment boxes are used for storing long text data related to an entire Budget Form. Form elements are used where formatting the textual data isn’t important whereas Comment Boxes are used where formatting or hierarchical organization of textual data is required.

Form Elements

Executing the read RFC for Form Instance ID 44 directly from backend:

Important notes:

  • To get a Form Element, the Form Element name is important (Contact, for example).
  • Customer forms can have more than one form element, and they can be custom-defined.
  • PBF doesn’t support RFCs to get a list of Form elements related to certain forms.

Comment boxes support more features, like tree/hierarchical organization and formatting.

Function to get the comments data: /PBFBI/GET_INSTANCE_LIST:

Getting the labels or comment types:

IV_ID is the comment type id that we get from CMT_TYPE_ID of the previous function call:


Similarly, the hierarchy of comments can be obtained using the above method.
The PARENT_ID field can be used to traverse the tree/hierarchy relationship.

Related functions for form elements and comment types:

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